Rules & Regulations

*Florida Citrus Sports Foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of life in Central Florida. This aim is accomplished through the charitable contribution of resources to organizations dedicated to improving lives, health and education, and through direct services to our community’s children. 

How to Claim a Prize

*The Winner must present their original winning ticket to Florida Citrus Sports Foundation by September 24th 2019 in order to claim the prize. If the prize is not claimed within the allotted time frame, proceeds will be donated to the Florida Citrus Sports Foundation.
*On game day, the winning ticket may be presented on the ground level of the stadium below sections 103/105 until 15 minutes following the ending of regulation. The winner must complete an IRS Form W-9 if the winnings are more than $600.00.
*The IRS requires FCSF to withhold federal taxes at a rate of 24% for winnings over $5,000. All Prize winners will receive an IRS Form W-2G sent to the address on the winning ticket claim form for tax filing purposes. If you fail to provide a taxpayer identification number, backup withholding of 24% is required for all prizes over $600.00.
*If the winning ticket is not presented at the stadium on game day, the original winning ticket (not a copy) and IRS Form W-9 be mailed to Florida Citrus Sports Foundation, Attn: Nick Stepp, One Citrus Bowl Place, Orlando, FL 32805. Please call Florida Citrus Sports Foundation at 407-513-1631 if you have a winning ticket number.
*The prize will be paid to the winner by check via mail in approximately 30 days following presentation of the original winning ticket, IRS Form W-9 & IRS Form W-2G.
 *If you have any additional questions please contact us at 407-513-1631.

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